About The Filmmaker

From a young model, computer programmer, public speaker,  vocational education college owner and provider,  Digital TV Presenter, overall adventurer to now a film maker she speaks in international education conventions including “World Congress in Beijing” for the education , reforms and creation of digital television www.iftvstudios.com 

Also an accomplished educator and entrepreneur of 30 years , founder of ACIT & IFTV College Sonya has managed  education college in Gold coast together with her partner Danny McGuire. She knows how to  speak to the audience and tell the story Empowering women – Essence of France digital TV was produced in France and she has been recently interviewed by the producer of French TV networks. She is currently working on and investing in a streaming platform, Life TV Entertainment.

Now Sonya wants people to enjoy and learn from her experiences to inspire and affect women empowerment through clever education choices and media platforms and help globally to eradicate poverty, provide a framework of education and media excellence toward a brighter future for the advancement of women and children.