About IFTV Studios

  • Studios was established in 2019 to create first-class entertainment and educational content. Combining outstanding production quality with genuine social value, IFTV Studios is a sister company to long established ACIT & IFTV.
  • IFTV Studios is the brain-child of Sonya McGuire, Gold Coast business woman, founder and CEO of ACIT & IFTV and creative director of IFTV Studios productions.
  • Working from state-of-the-art production facilities at premises on the Gold Coast, Australia, IFTV Studios is so much more than a superb production house – its ambition for excellence involves the vision of enhancing the lives of women world-wide.
  • IFTV is an independently owned company dedicated to developing, financing, producing and distributing top-notch entertainment and engaging educational content on an easy to access digital platform.
  • Vibrant documentaries, practical educational content and safe family content is produced and made available to a world-wide audience.
  • In today’s fast-paced, digital world accessing media content often belongs to an exclusive audience of wealthy and socially-advantaged viewers. IFTV Studios is a platform that can reach millions of people, and is accessible and affordable.
  • The values of IFTV Studios compliment the principles on which ACIT & IFTV were founded – excellent industry-based online education, featuring virtual classrooms and work labs accessible to students around the world.
  • IFTV Studios invites investors and welcomes interested supporters.
  • Empowering Women Documentary is now in production in 2019 in the South of France – Episode 1: Essence of France


IFTV Studios is centrally located on Australia’s breathtaking Gold Coast! Home to long white sandy beaches, a vibrant Gold Coast City comprised of a string of small coastal towns, and a culture-rich, scenic hinterland.

  • Nearby beaches and natural environment
  • Close to transport, including international airports
  • A short drive to Village Roadshow Studios
  • Located in Varsity Lakes close to Bond University
  • Within easy walking distance from Varsity Lakes village, a hub of cafes, restaurants, shops and facilities including parks, walking and bike paths, sunny picnic spots and well-paved esplanades around the lake.

Post Production

  • The post-production lab at IFTV Studios houses an excellent editing suite with first class computer software and equipment

Marketing and Distribution

  • IFTV Studios has its own trusted, in-house, technical and marketing staff, bringing decades of experience to support new projects