IFTV Studios is planning to develop conservation series with the support of local college ACIT & IFTV and the chief executive officer Sonya McGuire

Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Empowering women

Wild Australia in development

Forward by Sonya McGuire

Conservation has been an interest of mine for a very long time. My husband and I enjoy nothing more than to enjoy the swim under water in the Great Barrier Reef chasing turtle or swim amongst the most beautiful fish.

Initially growing up in a country like Burma, many years ago, travelling to various rural near the jungles you get a sense of wilderness.

 It gives me great pleasure and peace to be writing about conservation industry and getting involved with the production of Empowering women – Wild Australia.

It’s enjoyable to be interviewing various women and men who work tirelessly their whole life to ensure that the next generation, my children can enjoy the wild life existing today.”

I am hoping that through this documentary many people get to appreciate the work that goes into the work of global conservation efforts.

It is my privilege to be working in such worthy causes documenting in cooperation with scientist in Australia and Myanmar including :

  • Working with Australia , the great barrier reef preservation production;
  • Koala conservation , protection and rehabilitation after bush fires, interviewing management centres of koalas conservation for the documentary creation of Empowering women – Wild Australia;
  • On a global conservation note collaborating and documenting and making awareness of Myanmar conservation work and endangered animals;

“Ultimately conservation is about people.
If you don’t have sustainable development around these [wildlife] parks, then people will have no interest in them, and the parks will not survive.” — Nelson Mandela

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