IFTV Studios Launch

Empowering Women production: To help celebrate 25 years of excellence in vocational education ACIT&IFTV is engaging in a new venture! Vocational college located on the Gold Coast, Australia is working in partnership with its sister studio IFTV Studios to produce a new digital platform for its influential new series ‘Empowering Women Adventures’.

International reputation: Australian College of Information Technology & International Film and TV (ACIT&IFTV) has been delivering vocational education for over two decades through a range of high-quality courses offered to Australian and international students. The state-of-the-art college attracts students from Europe, the UK, South America and Asia.

A focus on industry placement and partnership: ACIT&IFTV courses include Certificate and Diploma qualifications in Information Technology Networking, Telecommunications, Multi-Media, Film and Television, Business Entrepreneurship Studies and Digital Media. The college places its emphasis on work experience and graduate placement. If offers its graduates opportunities for employment locally, online and overseas. ACIT&IFTV is an established name in vocational education. This translates into guaranteed status and reliable qualifications.

It’s new but they have expertise: After two decades of teaching IT and Screen Production, IFTV Studios is the logical next step for Sonya McGuire, who brings an impressive creative and professional portfolio of work; and for her husband Danny McGuire whose expertise in telecommunications was gained in the Australian navy. IFTV Studios is the dream of Sonya McGuire whose vision is to develop an innovative platform that harnesses the power of online education to reach, educate and empower women worldwide. Empowering Women Adventures was born when Sonya was travelling in India, speaking with government and industry bodies, including members of the Bollywood film industry, about education reform, exports, production investment and distribution.

Opportunities for co-creation: Sonya is collaborating with producers in Hollywood and Australia to create an online portal focused on education to empower and assist women (with an emphasis on disadvantaged women). There are opportunities at all levels for collaboration – in production, financing, distribution and content creation.

Location-Location: ACIT & IFTV students enjoy one of Australia’s top tourist destinations while they study. Situated on Australia’s stunningly beautiful Gold Coast, the modern campus and home to IFTV Studios is centrally located on Australia’s vibrant Gold Coast, featuring a string of small coastal towns and a scenic hinterland. Australia offers surf, sun and world-class education PLUS a safe and secure environment. International students love Australia for its friendliness, warmth and inclusiveness. The convenience of public transport for commuting is an attractive feature for international students. There is easy access to international airports.

European and UK students flock to the Gold Coast. Surfer’s Paradise is renowned for beaches, shopping, resort lifestyle, cafés and restaurants, surfing, nature-based day trips, fun arcades and a spectacular skyline. Students enjoy walking and cycling paths and a wide range of outdoor activities. Australia’s iconic Byron Bay is an easy drive or bus trip away. Other top Australian destinations include the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest in North Queensland.

International Students are welcomed: ACIT & IFTV offers support and advice to international students applying to study in Australia and helps create a pathway to graduate visas.  ACIT&IFTV helps students integrate into classes and community, fostering a high standard of multiculturalism and offering classes in English when it is not the first language.

The Gold Coast is one of the best places in the world for Screen Production: ACIT&IFTV is engaging with IFTV Studios to create a new digital platform. Although innovative in its concept development and delivery, the creative and intellectual climate on the Gold Coast is ideal for screen production. Australia has a booming movie industry. The cinema, TV and digital media industry in Australia adds significantly to Australia’s GDP (according the Screen Australia – $3billion, value added, in 2014-2015) and attracts millions of international tourists to Australia every year. Screen production also adds to export earnings from the distribution of scripted content, including films, TV dramas and documentaries. Revenue from Australian online content is also expanding. Australia has a pool of internationally respected actors and a wealth of talented crew, production professionals and post-production staff. The success of Roadshow Village Studios has brought many big screen productions to local studios, including Thor: Ragnarok; Aquaman; Dora the Explorer; The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Unbroken; Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas and The Shallows. Australian productions filmed on the Gold Coast include The Railway Man, Bait 3D and Sanctum 3D.

It’s about creating a successful future: ACIT & IFTV fosters opportunities for work placement and encourages pathways to further study and university entrance. The focus at ACIT & IFTV is on supportive, high-quality education that best prepares students for employment in competitive industries. Study at ACIT & IFTV is supported by full convergence technologies preparing students for careers in information technology (IT); telecoms, including data centre design, cloud and virtualisation; unified communications and VOIP technologies; Junipers, CISCO and Network Security.

Industry-based training in the digital and telecommunications industry and in the Film and TV industries is supported by internships and work placement programmes. Courses in digital communication mediums, including cross-platform training in web design, 2D and 3D graphics, social media marketing, and YouTube open doorways for students to enter competitive industries with an advantage. Prestigious screen production courses prepare students for work in film, cinematography, video and TV production.

A ground-breaking venture: Empowering Women Adventures is designed to help socially disadvantaged women and will be distributed via Internet and TV platforms in various countries. Through images and well-developed script, the production will encourage women to become self-sufficient and create opportunities in their own country. The underlying concept: “Educating women to be self-sufficient has the potential to reduce poverty, increase equity and transform the prospects of women to stay safe and feel empowered.”

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