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Why Invest?

As an Australian educator, I am committed to providing quality education that meets high standards of excellence both in teaching and content design.

For the past 25 years, my team and I have developed and delivered an educational platform where our industry partners are fully engaged with our style of delivery and applicability of our content. ACIT & IFTV offer local and international students industry-based qualifications, and ensure that every graduate has the security of work placement.

After 25 years of success in vocational education, we are expanding our vision by investing in a new venture. While we will continue to offer our suite of online classes and certificate and diploma education through ACIT & IFTV, our new venture – IFTV Studios will provide first-class family entertainment, and educational content aimed at enhancing the lives of women around the globe and preserving the beauty of our natural world.

Combining new convergence technology with a state-of-the-art learning environment means we can reach out to a wide audience across a range of pertinent topics, including empowering women, wildlife conservation, the preservation of our environment, and how acquiring business skills can create pathways out of poverty.

My firm belief in fairness and equal opportunity combined with an understanding of the power of digital media to educate and entertain has prompted this new venture through IFTV Studios.

Online educational content and entertaining documentary productions can make a difference to our society. Educating a range of people from diverse backgrounds about issues that are so important to future generations, such as stewardship of our environment and the rights of women to safety and work will lead to a richer and more equitable global community.

Under one ultra-modern, innovative umbrella, IFTV Studios will combine education, entertainment and enterprise with digital technology and screen production, offering first class digital distribution with great marketing opportunities. Creative producers and production houses can take their products globally. Empowering women digital documentary series has started in 2019 in the South of France and will be released in 2020.

Investors can also be assured that their investments are contributing to a fairer global community and giving back generously to the burgeoning world of empowerment education and value-driven entertainment. As a mother of three boys, I understand first-hand how digital technology influences our youth. What better investment is there at this time in history than to produce quality education and engaging entertainment?

Thank You for your support!

Sonya McGuire Empowering Women on location