Sonya was born and raised in Myanmar( Burma) and later moved to study as a student in Darwin, N.T Australia.


She realised her passion for working in the industry early in the piece. Sonya has spent the past 30 years in I.T programming, managing education college, and purchased OPTUS Vision Television studios in 1998 working with the original OPTUS crew in local productions and news. TV industry was not so profitable but she has used the OPTUS Vision studios to teach many students through her college ACIT & IFTV. Sonya has later developed digital studios as well as digital education through her college ACIT & IFTV which she founded in 1995. Sonya has a background in I.T, Construction, Media and Law . Read Sonya’s Bio

Sonya has spent the past 15 years traveling and speaking at various conventions for education, trade & export missions and other international conventions lead by the AUSTRALIAN Government and education coordinators ad Brazilian Government for :

Up to 2019

Speaking at various international conventions and representing governments :

International education – World Congress Beijing, together with Brazil education ministry, representing Brazil government (CONIF

Education export mission and reforms – New Delhi, Bangalore India, together with Jackie Trad ( deputy premiere of QLD)

International export education – Jurich, Switzerland

International export education – Sao Paulo, Maceo, Aracaju, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

International education, trade, and  export mission – Tokyo, Japan, together with Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman

International representation for education and careers – Taipei Taiwan,

Presenting to education providers – Philippines, Nepal, India

Empowering women productions, digital, Television, and education online

Meeting with Bollywood industry, – Mumbai India

commencing to work on the project in co-operation with Bollywood – On hold due to Covid 19

TV Host , Executive producer

Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women – Essence of France Lecturer in Information Technology and Law

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